Introducing IBX

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Indiana Black Expo and its partners are committed to building the next generation of leadership within our state. Introducing IBX, a series of free virtual programs and opportunities tailored to our youth, from high school students to young professionals. The programs offer leadership training, business development opportunities, networking events and focus on empowering emerging leaders.

This year, we are proud to debut IBX with a series of virtual events meant to fuel generations of leaders. Full lineup and schedule coming soon.

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Entrepreneur, Financial, Career & Education Workshops

When young people understand how to manage money, they are equipped with a skill that is key to making their dreams a reality. In our latest virtual program, professional financial educators will lead workshops to teach practical ways to manage all aspects of personal finances.

Youth Leadership Summit

IBE will convene its annual leadership summit for youth featuring speakers, workshops and other youth oriented activities to showcase various careers, develop leadership skills and a sense of civic responsibility. The Summit educates, enlightens and encourages youth to effectively lead in a changing demographic climate.

Real Talk Teen Forum

The Real Talk Teen Forum includes a panel of youth (and often times celebrities) to discuss solutions to issues that are impacting the Black community, including crime, conflict, opportunity gap, youth unemployment, and poverty.


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