IBE License Plates

You can purchase an Indiana Black Expo, Inc. (IBE) license plate at your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) license branch. All it takes is a $25 tax-deductible contribution to IBE, plus your regular registration fee.

Your contribution supports our year-round youth and family programs. These programs help students go to college, increase growth opportunities for businesses, and support health initiatives throughout Indiana. Purchasing an Indiana Black Expo license plate is a great way to give back to your community. Its easy and simple; you can even order your license plate conveniently online at www.in.gov/bmv

What are you waiting for? Get an IBE license plate for your car, pickup truck (gross weight under 11,000 pounds), recreational vehicle, sport utility vehicle, or motorcycle today!

Buy A Plate

Low-Digit Plates

If you would like to purchase low digit number license plates 1-100, call the IBE Finance Department at (317) 925-2702 to check availability.

  • All low digit plates can be purchased directly from the BMV, there is no reservation fee
  • There is a one-time pull fee of for first-time purchasers
  • The BMV will process your registration, collect the fees, and issue a temporary plate
  • Your new registration and IBE license plate will be mailed to you within 25-30 days

Personalized IBE License Plates

The IBE personalized license plate allows you to show your individuality while traveling on the Hoosier highways. The cost for reserving a personalized license plate is $45 annually, payable at the license branch, In addition to the normal registration fees. Applying for your IBE personalized license plate is easy to do! You can apply online (myBMV.com), at any BMV branch or at BMV Connect Kiosks.

For questions regarding the Indiana Black Expo, Inc. license plate, please contact the IBE office at (317) 925-2702.