Establishing an economic foundation for our community

The roots of IBE permeate the economic foundation of the Indiana community. A primary purpose of the first Expo was to provide a venue for African-American entrepreneurs, organizations, and talent to showcase its goods and services. Since then the organization has expanded and built opportunities for youth and adults to live successful lives in their communities. 

Business Conference

The annual business conference focuses on providing minority businesses with the tools needed to build capacity and corporate executives and professionals with development opportunities beneficial for climbing the corporate ladder. Exciting workshops and networking opportunities are offered in this multi-day activity. Attendees have the opportunity to hear directly from experts on sustaining and expanding their businesses and networking with key decision makers at the Mayor’s Breakfast and Governor’s Reception.

Employment Fair

The Employment Opportunity Fair is an assembly of nearly one hundred businesses in a diverse range of industries in search of qualified employees. The event attracts thousands of attendees from around Indiana who are unemployed, under-employed or simply looking for a change in the workplace. Many of the participating employers offer on-the-spot connects between the job market and those trying to navigate it. Spanning over three decades, it’s now one of the largest job fairs in Indiana.