Elevating Education Through Artistic Expression

The Performing Arts Academy (PAA) provides dance, music production, videography/photography, and acting programs to middle and high school youth in Central Indiana. The program components include weekly classes, academic support, and an infusion of Black History. In order to succeed academically, our youth need to be “empowered” and a huge empowerment gap exists with underrepresented youth. PAA utilizes the performing arts to connect passion and purpose, all with the goal of improving academics and helping youth realize their greater possibilities.

We are accepting applications for our next session now! The registration deadline is February 4, 2022.


Translate your passion for the history and culture of hip hop to dance.

Get comfortable with choreography and understand the basics of hip hop grooves, movement, and footwork. The instructor will teach standard dance techniques including popping, locking, B-boying, krumping, liquids & digits and more with the goal to help students develop their artistic, social, and cultural skills. Classes will take place after school hours or on weekends.


Get the skills to record and mix songs in a professional studio.

Any music production program can teach the basics, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Students will get the chance to be hands-on with high-tech equipment starting from day one of the program. From beginner to advanced level, we’ll work individually with each student at their pace rather than treating this as a traditional classroom music setting.

Exploring recording studio techniques while boosting the students’ creative potential, the instructor will teach standard music production principles including tempo, keys, song arrangement, recording, vocals, background vocals, post-production, mixing, and more. Classes will take place after school hours or on weekends.


Gain experience in media production.

Students will receive professional hands-on training to build a foundation for a successful future in media production and photography through technology classes and workshops. Areas studied during the student’s time in the program are photography, radio broadcasting, studio operations, broadcast announcing, audio and video editing, language arts, radio commercial production, writing and story structure, TV reporting and news gathering, TV newscast production, and career development.


Learn the artistic, technical and business areas of acting.

Students will learn the foundations of acting for the camera and stage, as well as the skills for voiceover, hosting, screenwriting, pitching, auditioning and career management. Each student will leave the program with a headshot, comp card and professional portfolio showcasing a complete range of performances. IBE will also serve as a pipeline for professional acting and modeling and will refer top talent to local and Midwest agencies.

Music Production


Joey French is an artist who can’t remember a time when music wasn’t an integral part of his life. He began playing drums in his community church at three years old and, by seven, could hold his own with kids twice his age. Joey credits his parents with laying the foundation on which he’s built his career. Their eclectic taste in music exposed Joey to an array of sounds and styles, including gospel, R&B, hip hop, and jazz.

After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Multi-Media, Joey decided to pursue his true passion and started his own production company, Johosophat Productions.

Hip Hop Dance


Jarrett Weathers is a professional dancer, choreographer, actor, and poet from Indianapolis. A dancer since the age of four, Jarrett has performed and taught in venues around the country. His experience in the genres of Hip Hop, African, Afrobeats, Dancehall, and Contemporary has earned him credits with the likes of; GUY, Blackstreet, Jordan Fisher, B2K, Think, NIKE, BET, Indiana Pacers, Fever Inferno, IBE, Circle City Classic, and The Asante Children’s Theatre.

Dance has been and will always be a deep passion for Jarrett and he aspires to use his talent and knowledge to inspire, motivate, and impact the youth and the world in a positive way.



Tony Lamont is a veteran radio & television broadcaster with experience in front of and behind the camera. Throughout a career spanning more than three decades, Tony has produced various television and film projects and worked to help young people pursue and fulfill their dreams. As a certified leadership trainer, Tony incorporates leadership and life skills into the technical training students receive in his videography and television classes. Tony has been teaching young men and women videography with the Indiana Black Expo for five years and is also the educator and instructor for Radio & Television at Indianapolis Public Schools Arsenal Technical High School. Tony looks forward to developing the next generation of broadcast professionals.



John Posey, a graduate of the University of Florida, is a 35-year veteran of theatre, television, and film. Since he arrived in Los Angeles in 1986, John has compiled a long list of credits that include CRIMINAL MINDS, 24, NCIS, BOSTON LEGAL, SEINFELD, CHEERS, E.R., among many others. John has also performed in hundreds of radio and T.V. commercials throughout his career.

Since 2015, the versatile actor, screenwriter, and producer has applied his nearly four decades of knowledge and experience to the classroom. There he teaches scene study, audition technique, and even solo live performance classes to hundreds of students in L.A. and nationwide via Zoom.



Amy Lord began her career in NYC at the Noble Talent agency. In her early twenties, Amy was the first actress in a regional production of Tony n Tina’s Wedding, which brought her to Los Angeles for the pilot episode. Amy’s literary career afforded her the opportunity to have two produced shows in NYC, Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral and The Boychick Affair. Amy is a contributing writer for Huffington Post. She worked for many years as a theatrical manager at YPS and then returned to the agenting world, where she worked at LB Talent for many years representing actors in NY and LA. As a partner at Eris, Amy continues to dedicate herself to her clients in both the performing and literary world.

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