These exposition rules are part of the contract between the exhibitor and Indiana Black Expo (hereafter referred to as IBE).

IBE shall have the authority to interpret and enforce these rules. All matters not covered by these rules are subject to the decision of IBE. All decisions so made shall be as binding on all parties. The Exhibitor or its representative is responsible for familiarizing itself with all rules and regulations. The Exhibitor or its representative who fails to observe these terms and conditions may be excluded from the event without refund.

Booth Creation

Upon receipt of payment in full, IBE will assign booth space for the exhibitor. The setup, and tear down, of that booth and the associated element is the responsibility of the exhibitor.


The Exhibitor agrees to make no claim against IBE or any of its sponsoring organizations, agents, or employees on account of loss occasioned: damage of any nature or character, including any damage to the exhibitors business as a result of the event, or as a result of its installation or removal or for failure to hold the exhibition as scheduled.


Unless other arrangements are made in advance, payment must be made at the time of application.

Performing Licenses 

Exhibitor will be solely responsible for obtaining any necessary licenses for permission to perform, broadcast, transmit or display any copyrighted works (including without limitation, music, audio or video cording, art, etc.), which Exhibitor may use or request to be used during the Virtual Employment Opportunity Fair.